LaCambre Sicav 

We are a private equity investment platform, under the form of an umbrella Sicav RAIF.
Our fund is dedicated to managers-entrepeneurs looking to transform their industries & meet new extraordinary business performances.

We are currently active only in the IoT sector through a dedicated compartment aiming to consolidate various technologiy owners under unique sectorial champion with a full liner approach delivering end-to-end services to infrastructural network managers.

Working Together

To Empower Your Vision

Business Focus

Managers-entrepreneurs, independent investment managers and industry experts focused on non-traditional asset classes looking for new interesting business opportunities.
We Invest In The Future

Strong of our legal & financial background, as well as our experience in the sector of engineering & digitalization, we have teamed up to create a first fund compartment aimed at consolidating a few SMEs with the purpose to build up a solution provider serving large infrastructurals networks managers, in providing them end-to-end solutions enabling the dogitalization of their networks.

Marco & Claudio.

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